The Canadian Advantage

When the global economic crisis hit world markets, Canadian financial institutions remained strong and resilient.  According to the World Economic Forum’s 2008-2009 Global Competitiveness Report, Canada has the soundest banking system anywhere.

Canada’s well-regulated financial institutions, banks, trust companies, cooperatives, insurance companies and stock exchanges have demonstrated a stability and competitiveness that has made their services popular around the world.

Nexus for International Business Opportunities in Canada

North America is amongst the world’s largest and richest markets.  If you want access to more than 447 million consumers and a combined GDP of more than US $17.4 trillion, then you need look no further than Canada.  Canada is also America’s largest trading partner.

The United States does more business with Canada than with all the countries of the European Union combined. Of Canada’s 20 largest cities, 17 are within 90 minutes driving distance of the United States, and many are much closer. Several Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Windsor, and Montreal, are just minutes away from the US border.

Canada is also well positioned to capitalize on the long-term growth potential of Asian economies. To maximize its strategic access and enhance its competitive position, Canada has launched efforts to support stronger infrastructure links among Canada, NAFTA and Asia-Pacific markets.

The Government of Canada is committed to creating the most favourable conditions for Canadian businesses to compete internationally. Free trade agreements (FTAs) and foreign investment promotion and protection agreements (FIPAs) between Canada and our trading partners are creating new opportunities for Canadian businesses.

Taxation and Incentives for Industry in Canada

The World Trade Magazine has ranked Canada in the Top 3 for Investment and Trade Opportunities.  Canada offers businesses reasonably low tax rates.  Steven Forbes, owner and editor of the eponymous magazine has also previously ranked Canada as the best business domicile in the world.  Canada’s corporate tax rate – federal and provincial rates combined are among the most competitive on a global basis.

Whether you operate a business in Canada or around the world, you should understand how changes in Canadian tax laws and regulations may affect you and/or your company. There’s more to tax planning than simply complying with the rules and getting the numbers right.  You should also understand the long-term impact of tax decisions.

Our team of leading professionals has an extensive understanding of tax matters and deep industry knowledge.  We can help arrange the right tax professionals to provide you with tax advice that goes beyond simple compliance to help your business succeed.

Let us help you identify areas of concerns and direct you through our network of leading professionals who can provide effective tax planning advice and devise legal strategies to advance or protect your interests, based upon your objectives.

Canada Attracts the Best and the Brightest

With five Canadian cities consistently ranked among the top 25 in the world, Canada is always amongst the highest ranking countries in the world for the best overall quality of life. Canada also leads all G7 nations in as the safest place to live and conduct business with the most fairly administered judicial system.

Canada is also world renowned for its beauty and abundance of natural resources, but it is increasingly recognized for its brainpower.  Canada has invested billions of dollars over the last decade to create a robust research and development (R&D) climate that is second to none.  Overall, our economy is resilient and growing, while Canadians continue to thrive living in one of the world’s safest and most secure country to live in.

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