Find Essential Workers

Find essential workers in order to secure your vital production processes.

We know just how important your workplace is as we face the unprecedented public health threat posed by COVID-19.  We also know how the pandemic has created critical labour shortages that is posing a significant risk for your business.   

CIC Passport is the critical link between essential workers who are presently inside of Canada and Canadian Employer’s who desperately need to employ them in order to ensure the viability and security of our vital food supply chains and other critical sectors of economy presently at risk by COVID-19. 

Step 1: Register as an Essential Employer

If your business needs foreign workers in the following industries and/or workplaces, you need to register as an Essential Employer with CIC Passport:

  1. Agriculture, Farming, and Food Processing
  2. Healthcare and Social Services
  3. Transportation, Supply Chains, and Truck Driving
  4. Energy and Resources
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Manufacturing

Step 2: Matching Essential Workers to Essential Jobs

Once you register with CIC Passport as an Essential Employer, we will seek to match your critical jobs that need to be filled with our database of temporary foreign workers currently present in Canada.   If a match is successful, you will contact the essential worker directly or work with one of our collaborator Employment Agencies to explore employment arrangements and facilitation options in order to commence the employment of this essential worker.

CIC Passport will work to create innovative solutions to the disruption COVID-19 has created within critical sectors of our economy.  We work with Canadian companies in vulnerable sectors of our economy who are experiencing severe labour shortages with a singular focus to help our vital Canadian industries secure the foreign workers needed to ensure they remain viable and secure.   

Effective May 12, 2020, the Government has drastically reduced the time it takes for a TFW already in Canada to start a new job.  If a foreign worker has secured a new job offer, and it’s been labour market assessment, they can now get approval to start working in a new job while their work permit application is being fully processed. This will mean a transition to a new job in about 5-10 days, whereas before it could take several weeks and even months to seek this approval before these new measures were announced.  Registering with CIC Passport can help you take that critical first step to matching your essential labour needs with existing foreign workers already present in Canada.

Step 3: Transitioning Your Foreign Workers to Canadian Permanent Residence

If a foreign worker is successfully matched to an essential service job opportunity in Canada, CIC Passport will prepare and file the Application for a Work Permit.  We will also utilize the new government measures now in place to ensure the foreign worker can  start the new job quickly while their work permit application is in process.

With a view towards your long-term goals, CIC Passport will continue to work with these foreign workers who are successfully matched to an essential service job opportunity.  We will help them pursue a transition from a foreign worker to a Canadian Permanent Residence if successfully matched to a new job in Canada.

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