Consultation Fees

In Person

$ 375 USD
  • 1 Hour


$ 150 USD
  • 25 min


$ 110 USD
  • 1 Email Exchange

Frequently asked Questions

Upon paying an initial consultation fee, Mr. Kadri will take the necessary time needed to assess the complete nature and extent of your circumstances as it relates to Canadian law and your stated objectives. Once your situation has been fully assessed, Mr. Kadri provides a comprehensive written legal report detailing his legal opinion and providing you with immediate answers to all of your questions and concerns. He will discuss your situation and address all potential legal strategies that may be effective, together with their advantages and disadvantages. Mr. Kadri also outlines all costs associated with your matters, so there are never any hidden fees or expenses you will be required to pay.

Mr. Kadri makes himself available to clients as much as any other professional in the industry.  Hence, there is an even greater importance placed on his time so that he can ensure his valued clients are receiving excellent service. By paying an initial fee to consult with Mr. Kadri when seeking legal advice, he can effectively devote the time required to fully analyze your circumstances in relation to Canadian law. Those clients who are serious about hiring a top professional and place a tremendous importance on their legal interests have a clear understanding of the value in consulting Mr. Kadri.

After consulting with Mr. Kadri, if you decided to retain him as your legal representative, you will receive full credit towards your account for the amount of the initial consultation fee you paid. In essence, the consultation becomes free once you become his client.

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