Rolla Halabi is the managing director at Kadri Law where she is widely regarded for her specialization in Canadian Citizenship and Immigration law. She works exclusively under the direction of Eddie H. Kadri, one of Canada’s leading business immigration lawyers.  She has over 15 years of specialized experience serving the interests’ of many of the world’s leading multinational companies.

Ms. Halabi is dedicated to helping clients with all types of Immigration and Citizenship matters. She is an effective communicator who takes great pride in setting the highest standards of service in the industry.

Ms. Halabi is the proud mother of four children and also volunteers in her community whenever possible. She focuses her charitable commitments in the efforts to raise monies for those less fortunate in our community.

Ms. Halabi plays a key role on a team of leading professionals led by Eddie H. Kadri. As a Senior Immigration Advisor, she works directly with clients managing all facets of their legal strategy.  She manages all communications and the collaborative efforts of all professionals working on the file.  Her direction is always focused on ensuring that the provision of legal services maximizes efficiency and effectiveness without losing sight of our commitment that every client matter always be personally attended to with the utmost care and highest standards of quality.

Having been involved with legal cases of the highest complexity, Ms. Halabi is well versed in every area of Immigration practice and related business matters. She has developed a keen interest in dealing with  all types of international business matters, inadmissibility issues, and Canadian Permanent Residence applications.  She continues to be a very significant member of our team who plays a vital role in helping us exceed the expectations of our clientele as we strive to achieve exceptional results, one client at a time.

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